Bunny Lovey - Gold Splatter, Pink Faux Fur
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Bunny Lovey - Gold Splatter, Pink Faux Fur

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This lovey is sure to be LOVED by the littles in your life.
Printed cotton on the front, faux fur on the back. A mini (and adorable) version of our large blankets.

approx. 12"x12"

Snuggle, love, wash, repeat!

What is a lovey? A lovey is small snuggly "thing" for babies to hold on to and love. Small enough for babies/toddlers to carry around and hold. Often babies will become attached to their lovey and you can make it smell like you and then put it in their crib and they will be comforted by it during naps and bed time. Some people get two or more in case they get lost or need to go in the wash. :)

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